Medication Organizers and Packaging

You may find that it is difficult to remember what medications you take and when you need to take them. Good news! We offer easier and safer ways to organize and manage all of your medications with a variety of pill-packaging services.

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Mediplanners & Timepacks

Also known as “pill boxes” or “pill organizers,” our Mediplanners and Timepacks organize all of your maintenance medications by the day of the week (Sun-Sat) and by the time of the day (AM, Noon, PM and Bedtime). Our organizers are simple and easy to follow and we take the stress away because we fill them for you! This is a perfect program for those who have complicated medication regimens or have trouble remembering to take certain medications.

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Adherence Packaging

We will blister pack your medications in individual 30- or 31- day cards making it easy to track your medication adherence and compliance. You can see what medications are running low allowing you to call the pharmacy prior to running out.

Call and speak to any of our staff today to learn more about our different packaging options and how you can get signed up!